TriCal Field Day

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TriCal Field Day

When:April 12, 2016 Registrations begins at 9:30, concludes with a noon lunch.

Where:Northern AgriBrands Research Location in Lockett, TX
(Formerly Syngenta) 12167 Highway 70 South, Vernon, Texas.

Meet the Experts and Learn Industry Research and Technology

This field day event sponsored by TriCal Research Center along with the Texas A&M Extensions office will provide plot tours, presentations, Q and A plus a BBQ and prizes. This event is focused on farm, dairy and cattle producers.

For more information contact:
Northern AgriBrands 940-552-8881
Texas AgriLife 940-552-5474

Northern AgriBrands and Texas AgriLife again are collaborating on a cereal crop field day to expose producers to new opportunities for agricultural profitability. An excellent slate of speakers will be available to discuss topics timely to agricultural production in the Southern Plains. Emi Kimura, Rolling Plains Extension Agronomist from Vernon will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the commonly grown wheat varieties in the region. She will be joined by Ron French, Texas AgriLife Extension Pathologist from Amarillo, who will share thoughts on disease resistance characteristics of current wheats. He also will characterize this year’s disease epidemic and, with Dr. Kimura, will offer production alternatives to minimize effects of disease on productivity.

A new focus of this year’s field day will be triticale. Triticale is an emerging crop being used primarily for forage (grazing) and silage. Current estimates indicate that triticale now occupies nearly one million acres in Texas and is rapidly expanding. Mr. Matthew Bobbitt, Research Associate with TriCal Triticale in Vernon, Texas will present “Triticale 101,” a brief review of what distinguishes triticale from wheat and other cereal crops. Dr. Ron Kershen, triticale breeder from Canyon, Texas, will give a brief history of the crop including its current commercial status in the Plains. Dr. David Worrall will lead producers through a field demonstration in which new varieties of TriCal triticale have been planted in large blocks for comparison to wheat. Data will be presented comparing triticale forage production to wheat and oats. The concept of planning fall farm plantings to incorporate triticale will be discussed in the field.

The field day will culminate with a presentation during lunch by Mr. Stan Bevers, Texas AgriLife Agricultural Economist. Mr. Bevers has completed a first-ever economic analysis of triticale inclusion in a modeled small grains/stocker operation and will share with attendees the results of that analysis.

Lunch will be provided. Three CEUs will be available for chemical applicators.

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We look forward to seeing you at the TriCal Field Day! For more information, call 940-552-8881

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