TriCal® 115

Agronomic Traits:
Early Seedling Vigor: Excellent
Lodging: Moderate
Maturity: 11 days later than wheat to soft dough
Plant Color: Dark Green
Head Color: Grey Green
Awn Type: Awnled
Planting Rates:
Bushel weight: 56 lbs.
Seeds per Pound: 12,000
Rate (lbs/acre): 135-150
Adaptation Ratings:
Photosynthetic Type: Cool Season
Photoperiod: Insensitive
Water Requirement: Low
Crop Use Information:
Life Cycle: Annual
Ease of Establishment: Good
Drought Stress: Excellent
Wet Soil: Good
Saline Soils (White Alkali): Excellent
Saline – Sodic Soils (Black Alkali): Excellent
Lagoon Water Tolerance: Very Good
Hay: No
Silage: Excellent
Palatability: Excellent
Diseases/Insect/Nematode Ratings:
Stripe Rust: MR
Leaf Rust: R
Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus:: MR
Note: Ratings are based upon a number of years testing in numerous locations. Adverse environmental conditions and planting dates may alter a variety’s performance, maturity, and resistance to certain diseases and insects.

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