TriCal® 348

Primary Uses

  • Spring Silage Option
  • Fall and Winter Grazing
  • Nutrient Mitigation for Livestock Confinement Operations

Key Attributes

  • TriCal® 348 is a winter triticale that has awnletted characteristics, leading to good hay and silage production.
  • TriCal® 348 has high tonnage resulting from spring silage harvest.
  • TriCal® 348 has good winterhardiness.
  • TriCal® 348 is moderately late maturing and can be grazed later than most wheats.


  • Prostrate juvenile growth habit.
  • Rapid vegetative growth in spring.
  • Tall plant height translates to high bioma high silage yield.
  • High quality silage when chopped prior to grain fill.
  • Tolerant of most rust diseases impacting wheat.

Management Tips

  • Plant and manage winter triticale the same as winter wheat.
  • Higher fertility leads to a greater tonnage and quality at harvest.
  • Responds well to spring irrigation; minimize fall irrigation.
  • Rapid vegetative growth in spring.

Primary area of adaptation

  • Texas Panhandle, eastern Colorado and central/western Kansas.

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