TriCal® 718S

718S – Soil stabilizer

Primary Uses:

  • Use as a soil stabilizer and cover crop

Key Attributes:

  • Cold tolerant, able to grow under cool conditions.
  • Use as a nurse crop with perennial grasses or seed alone.
  • Recommended seeding rate is 8-15 lbs/ac.
  • Drought tolerant.
  • Large seed; rapid germination (seed size similar to wheat).
  • Intended for use in semi-arid regions in western US.
  • Superior tolerance to disease, salt, and drought, compared to wheat.
  • Able to adapt to a wide range and soil and moisture conditions.
  • Larger root mass and more efficient use of soil nutrients than wheat; holds soil and builds soil organic matter.
  • Annual with over 90% cytoplasmic sterility.
  • Adapts to either fall or spring planting.
  • Hardy and durable, but not persistent or invasive.
  • Dense fibrous root system.
  • Good tolerance to foliar disease.


A sterile, non-reseeding annual. Germinates and establishes rapidly but plants do not persist or reseed in successive years. Ideally suited for cost effective erosion control and temporary cover. Quickguard Sterile Triticale does not produce a viable seed unless it is exposed to pollen from other triticales. Excellent choice where short-term cover is desired.

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