Awnless Triticale

  • Boot stage silage, mid-April harvest
  • High protein, high palatability
  • Heavy, late tillering, high yielding
  • Well suited for hay

Merlin is a later maturing variety that has good tillering which results unexceptionally high forage yields. Merlin gives the grower a high yielding crop with taller stature that canopies over early, offering better weed competition and heavy late tillering that has great production and nutritional characteristics. Merlin has the versatility to be planted early in the fall and harvested early in the spring. The awnless feature also gives the grower the ability to harvest late and make a high yielding hay crop.

Agronomic Traits:
Early Seedling Vigor: Very Good
Lodging: Moderate
Maturity: Mid-April for boot stage harvest
Plant Color: Dark Green
Head Color: Grey Green
Awn Type: Awnless
Planting Rates:
Bushel weight: 56 lbs.
Seeds per Pound: 12,000
Rate (lbs/acre): 135-150
Adaptation Ratings:
Photosynthetic Type: Cool Season
Photoperiod: Insensitive
Water Requirement: Low
Crop Use Information:
Life Cycle: Annual
Ease of Establishment: Good
Drought Stress: Excellent
Wet Soil: Good
Saline Soils (White Alkali): Moderate
Saline – Sodic Soils (Black Alkali): Moderate
Lagoon Water Tolerance: Good
Hay: Yes
Silage: Excellent
Palatability: Excellent
Anti-Quality: Nitrate*

Test for nitrate in “boot stage” forage silage production.

Diseases/Insect/Nematode Ratings:
Stripe Rust: R
Leaf Rust: R
Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus: MR
Note: Ratings are based upon a number of years testing in numerous locations. Adverse environmental conditions and planting dates may alter a variety’s performance, maturity, and resistance to certain diseases and insects.

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