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TriCal Research & Trial Data

At TriCal®, we understand the critical importance of selecting the right triticale variety for your specific needs. With hundreds of triticale varieties worldwide, each differing in traits like cold tolerance, growth habit, and yield, the key to a successful harvest lies in making an informed choice.

Why Choose Trical® Forage?

  • Expertise

    As the premier source for triticale for forage, grain, and cover crop use in the U.S., our knowledge ensures you get the most suitable variety.

  • Research-Driven Selection

    Our extensive screening and performance tests across the U.S. target markets to bring you superior, market-adapted products.

  • Diverse Germplasm

    Our collection represents the world’s most diverse and commercially significant winter, spring, and facultative triticale germplasm, thanks to our rigorous research and strategic acquisitions.

  • Global Network

    We also collaborate with leading international breeding programs, enhancing our portfolio with the best global varieties for silage, hay, pasture, cover crops, and grain.

Trust TriCal® to navigate the complexity of triticale variety selection, ensuring your farming venture is not just successful but also profitable.

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