Why Trical Triticale

High-Performance Forage Fueling Farmers’ Success.

Triticale, a dynamic hybrid of wheat and rye, has rapidly become a cornerstone in global agriculture. In just three decades, it’s proven its worth, offering farmers high-yield, resilient forage solutions that stand up to the challenges of modern farming. Triticale combines the hardiness and nutrient-use efficiency of rye and high grain yield and nutritional qualities of wheat.

Optimized by Forage

Triticale excels in pastures, silage, and hay, providing an optimal double-crop option alongside corn silage, forage sorghum, and other crops. Its versatility shines whether planted solo, in blends, or as a companion crop, enhancing biodiversity and soil health.

Resilience and Yield

Renowned for its robust performance, triticale delivers where it counts: superior drought and disease resistance, remarkable adaptability to varying pH levels, and exceptional yield potential across diverse environments.

A Closer Look at Triticale’s Versatility

  • Offers a broad selection tailored for winter, spring, or intermediate growth cycles.
  • Caters to specific needs with varieties ideal for grazing, silage, hay, and environmental stewardship.
  • Selected strains exhibit unmatched stress and pest tolerance, ensuring reliable harvests.

TriCal Triticale’s Unique Advantages

  • Superior forage and silage yields and quality.
  • Adaptability to acid and saline soils, plus resilience against common cereal pests and diseases.
  • Enhanced water efficiency, making it a sustainable alternative to traditional silage crops.
  • Supports nutrient management in livestock operations with a diverse range of awn types and geographic adaptability.
  • An excellent choice for environmentally focused EQIP programs.

The TriCal Difference

TriCal Superior Forage is at the forefront of agricultural innovation, offering forages that redefine efficiency and productivity. Our varieties are meticulously developed to meet the specific needs of your land, from soil type to climate challenges. By choosing TriCal, you’re not just selecting a crop; you’re investing in the future of your farming operation with solutions that promise increased tonnage and unparalleled quality.