University of Florida IFAS 2022 Cool-Season Forage Variety Recommendations for Florida

Trical 815 Cutting In Pewamo.mi June 2020

Triticale excerpt from research article

Triticale is a cross between wheat and rye. It is well adapted to the southern United States and peninsular Florida. Triticale has the forage quality of wheat and the excellent disease resistance of rye. Triticale does not respond well to close grazing and therefore is recommended for haylage or silage if grown alone. If used for grazing, consider blending with ryegrass to promote a longer growing season. Use recommended varieties because there are triticale varieties sold in the state that are not adapted to Florida growing conditions and will not perform well.


TriCal 342, TriCal 1143*, and TriCal Merlin Max.

    • Reference planting dates of Oct 15- November 15 in table 1 for FL

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