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Swift 77™ Triticale

Swift 77™ spring triticale is the earliest maturing triticale to ever hit the California market.

158EP Triticale

Stands up under the most extreme lodging pressure. Bred to be planted early, preferably in mid-October without danger of frost damage.

Goldrush 91™ Triticale

Goldrush 91™ is a California product with a maturity comparable to wheat. Reduced yield drag compared to wheat, even under lagoon water management.

Merlin Max™ Triticale

Merlin Max™ is a true awnless, high performing, facultative triticale. This product can be spring planted across the northern US or fall planted in CA and the southern US.

Legend™ Triticale

Legend™ is a completely awnless facultative triticale. It is a late maturing, mid-tall plant with good silage quality. A good fit for California and pre-dough markets.

Round Table™ Triticale

A blend of three awnless products with different maturities. All three of these products are top producers and have excellent nutritional characteristics.

Kicker™ Triticale

Kicker™ is an awnless product that works in most areas of the US. It is facultative so you can plant in the fall or spring depending on your area.

Surge™ Triticale

A facultative product with the ability to be planted north of I70 as a Spring type and south of TN, NC as a winter type.

Hybrid Gainer™ Triticale

Hybrid Gainer™ triticale is an early maturing, early grazer with double cropping opportunities.

Hybrid Forage Sorghum Sudangrass BMR Brachytic Early

This hybrid showcases a brachytic dwarf growth habit for compact, robust plants and features the BMR (Brown Midrib) trait for improved digestibility and nutritional value.

Hybrid Forage Sorghum Sudangrass

Dynamic growth and adaptability. Flourishes from early to mid-season with a quick 60-65 days to 50% anthesis, this hybrid reaches 6-8 ft. in height.