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Products in Louisiana

342 Triticale

342 is an early maturing triticale adapted to the coastal plains region of the southeast, with excellent grazing opportunities. It has good forage and silage qualities.

Surge™ Triticale

A facultative product with the ability to be planted north of I70 as a Spring type and south of TN, NC as a winter type.

1143 Triticale

A true awnless triticale best suited to the coastal plain region: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Great for grazing and wildlife.

813 Triticale

Popular product. 813 is an awnletted, great all around product. Suited for the Southern and central plains.

Hybrid Flex™ Triticale

Hybrid Flex™ triticale has above average winter hardiness and is a good option for double cropping.

Hybrid Gainer™ Triticale

Hybrid Gainer™ triticale is an early maturing, early grazer with double cropping opportunities.

Hybrid Surge™ Triticale

Hybrid Surge™ triticale is an extremely early maturing triticale with double and triple cropping opportunities.

Valor™ Barley

Valor™ is meticulously bred for forage, combining winter hardiness with exceptional performance.

Cadillac™ Oats

Cadillac™ stands out in the field with its exceptional performance and quality. It reaches maturity quickly, offering a timely harvest and efficient crop rotation.

Swift™ Rye

Swift™ Rye stands out with its early maturity, making it ideal for double or triple cropping systems.

Piper Sudangrass

Piper Sudangrass is a high-performing Sorghum Sudangrass hybrid. Known for its impressive dry matter yields, Piper thrives under challenging conditions, showcasing unparalleled drought and heat tolerance.

Hybrid Forage Sorghum Sudangrass BMR Brachytic Early

This hybrid showcases a brachytic dwarf growth habit for compact, robust plants and features the BMR (Brown Midrib) trait for improved digestibility and nutritional value.

Hybrid Forage Sorghum Sudangrass

Dynamic growth and adaptability. Flourishes from early to mid-season with a quick 60-65 days to 50% anthesis, this hybrid reaches 6-8 ft. in height.