Boost cattle feed inventory with rylage, triticale

Cps Triticale Rotated

FarmProgress shares insights on economical high-value options to feed cattle

An excerpt from the Wisconsin Agriculturist article:

Dairy and beef producers continue to be hit with the high cost of forages. Finding ways to grow forages economically is a great strategy for boosting feed inventories and lowering overall feed costs, says Jerry Clark, University of Wisconsin-Extension crops and soils agent in Chippewa County. Clark says this helps dairy and beef producers get extra forage off before they plant corn silage the end of May.

One dairy producer interviewed noted, it costs him about $65 an acre to seed 60 pounds of triticale and 60 pounds of rye, plus harvesting costs.

“That’s pretty cheap. You are getting feed worth $100 a ton or $300 an acre. Figure you are spending $100 an acre for that crop, and you are getting $300 worth of feed per acre.”

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