Worldwide there are hundreds of varieties of triticale. They differ widely in important traits such as cold tolerance, growth habit, maturity, length of awns (“beards”), and yield. Some varieties are for grazing, some for silage, others for grain. Major problems can occur when a variety is sold for the wrong use or brought into an area for which it is not adapted.

Choosing the right variety of triticale is the key to a successful and profitable outcome.

TriCal® Forage is the leading source of triticale varieties for forage, grain, and cover crop use in the U.S.

TriCal® Seeds conducts intensive screening and performance tests in target markets throughout the U.S. to develop and select superior products adapted to those markets. Through its own research efforts and acquisition of other triticale breeding programs, we have attained the world’s most diverse and commercially important collection of winter, spring, and facultative triticale germplasm.

In addition to its own breeding programs, TriCal® tests and markets varieties from other leading breeding programs based other parts of the world to identify and obtain the best triticale varieties for silage, hay, pasture, cover crop and grain.

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